We are looking for an expert in developing a guidebook and e-learning materials on gender cost-benefit/cost-effectiveness assessment

Dear Gender Budget Watchdogs,

our GBWN academy is about to be enriched with a new GRB module, this time on gender cost benefit/cost effectiveness assessment.

For that purpose, we are looking for an expert that will produce a guidebook and related e-learning materials on gender cost benefit/cost effectiveness assessment.

The Guidebook should present a practical guidance on how to apply gender cost benefit/cost effectiveness assessment with examples for CSOs to follow, whereas the e-learning materials (PPTs for suggested reading materials, exercises and test/quizzes) should serve as a support to the guidebook’s curricula and the overall e-learning process.

Please consult the Terms of Reference for more details on the tasks and duties, as well as on the necessary qualifications to be eligible candidate for the consultancy on this LINK.

Your CVs and financial offers (expressed in €) can be sent by 22nd of February 2023, 17:00h CET to simonovski@crpm.org.mk

Applications submitted after the deadline will not be taken into consideration.